Friday, 28 March 2014


Nicole Kidman & Luke Goss

After recently watching 'The Invasion' and seeing the way Nicole played the Carol Bennell character, I immediately knew she was the right lady to be playing the lead with Luke.

Upon seeing Luke in 'Pressed', was I ever impressed with his performance. A decision was made there and then: Luke would play the lead role alongside Nicole.

The basic storyline of 'Thwart'. 

What if MH370 was a terrorist attack attempt which had managed to be overcome by the passengers and crew in a similar fashion to the fourth plane which crashed in Pennsylvania?

What if the plan was to hijack the plane and divert it to a populated western city, for example, Perth, Western Australia?

And that the passengers and crew of MH370 prevented a disaster with the possibility of killing several thousand people?

And if so, what if the terrorists are currently looking for another plane to hijack?

Or--for that matter--what if they are in the process of hijacking another airliner RIGHT NOW?


Fast-paced thriller | love story 


Inspirational feats of courage | uplifting acts of self-sacrifice | putting the lives of others before oneself | a beacon of guiding-light to future generations 


Film Script (First Draft development commenced)

Commencement Date: 29 March 2014

Short Story (First Draft development commenced)

Commencement Date: 2 April 2014

Both the Short Story and the Film Script for the Movie: Thwart are being written concurrently.


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Loki said...

Australia has a fine history of film making, so can't wait for this movie to materialise!

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